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The UW Law Library is always on the look-out for new, electronic resources which support the research needs of our students and faculty.   Thanks to my colleague, Sunil Rao, for compiling this handy list which highlights the most recent additions. These databases (plus many more) are accessible from the Law Library home page.  Select "Databases" from the top menu bar, then choose "Top Law Databases" or "Browse by Name" for our full database list.

American Law Institute Library (HeinOnline)

A collection of material from the American Law Institute including Restatements, model statutes, principles of the law, Uniform Commercial Code and more.  Covers 1923 - present.

CRS Reports (ProQuest Congressional)

Contains more than 79,000 Congressional Research Service reports dating back to 1916.

Executive Branch Documents (ProQuest Congressional)

Fully-searchable access to 200,000+ U.S. executive branch documents not included in the U.S. Serial Set collection. Covers 1789-1932.

Tax Foundation Archive (HeinOnline)

Complete archive of the Tax Foundation's publications, which contain information on taxation, fiscal policy, finance ,and more. Covers 1937-present.

Women and the Law (HeinOnline)

A collection of books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to women's roles and rights in society and the law over the past 200 years.

World Treaty Library (HeinOnline)

Treaties from around the world covering the time period from 1648 to the present gathered from various current and historical treaty collections.

Submitted by Cheryl O'Connor on October 6, 2015

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