Here we are, already in the finals period for Fall 2023. Speaking on behalf of the Law Library, I sincerely hope that your semester has gone smoothly and that the exams have treated yourself kindly so far. If you find yourself in need of any research or study aid support, the library staff is here and ready to help! Below are just some of the ways that the Law Library supports students during this busy and, at times, stressful time.

1. Limited Access - you've already seen it in action, but the Law Library, following a request from the SBA, limits access to the Law Library to current law students and those who need to use the collection for legal research. The space, especially in the Habush, Habush, and Rottier Room should be even more spacious and available for you as you work on outlines and review your notes.

2. Study aids and exam archives - in case you missed it, the Law Library has an extensive print collection of study aids ranging from concise hornbooks to Examples and Explanations to Nutshells. You can review what we have available behind the Circulation Desk with our handy research guide to study aids. AEP is, of course, another great resource for study aids - check with them for more possibilitites. You can also review previous year's exams via the law school's online exam archive here. Plenty of tools to prepare you for this year's finals!

3. Study rooms - while we pride ourselves on being an attractive and welcoming space for all law students to study and plan for academic success, sometimes, you need that extra private eor quiet space. To that end, check out our Study Rooms - while they are rather busy this time of year, you cna still review the times we have available, grab up to four hours for yourself, and really bear down.

4. Ask a Librarian - when all else fails, please dont' hesitate to ask us! We're here working when you are here. A reference librarian is at the desk and available via phone (608-262-1168), chat, email or in-person from 9AM-9PM Monday-Thursday, 9AM-5PM on Fridays, and 1PM-5PM on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of finals. If you have problems locating a resource, a room, printing, or whatever, we want to help! Just stop by and say hello and we'll be on the case.

Best of luck with finals, enjoy the winter break, and we'll be here in January when the Spring Semester gets underway!

Submitted by Turner,Kristopher on December 13, 2023

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