Welcome to the new semester, Law Badgers! We're sure you've noticed how we've spruced things up around the 5th floor in the library over the summer. We have a brand-new reference desk (and we've been so happy to see so many of you stopping by to say hi or ask questions), new carpet, and a whole new class of law students. 

We also have a new social media account- that's right, the Law Library has followed the herd and is now on Instagram. 

Our account is @uwlawlibrary and we are sharing fun facts about the law library, research tips, and photos from around the library and the law school. We're also gearing up to do a series of photos of our library staff's pets, so be ready for some cute pups and cats to come soon! 

See below for an example of a few posts on our page so far and a story post from today's tabling session in the Atrium. If you follow us you'll get tips on when we'll be around giving out treats and research tips like that. 

And as long as we're promoting our social media channels, you can also follow the Law Library on Twitter @UW_LawLibrary for more academic-focused posts about faculty scholarship and a Wednesday post focus on law student wellness. 

Submitted by Babler,Emma on October 10, 2023

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