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Where to get Your Holiday Shopping Discount Mobile Apps

After final exams, it's time to enjoy your holiday break.  Here are a few articles that feature apps that are designed to help you locate the latest shopping discount & deals for Black Friday and beyond.  To find coupons & get cash back on your purchases, download ibotta, to compare store prices check out apps such as Redlazer, Goodzer, Pounce or RetailmenotThese Apps allow you to scan bar codes with your device.  For gift ideas and to view weekly shopping flyers, try the Target app or the Amazon app and, of course, considering the season, there is a Black Friday 2015 Ads App.  


From Consumer Report:  7 Free Shopping Apps That Grab Holiday Discounts and Deals.  Use them in stores to save the most.

5 Best New Apps for 2015 Holiday Shopping.

Apple Devices Only:

5 Apps for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

These apps are free but some do require you to register or ask for personal information, such as providing an email account, Facebook account or to enter your birthday.  As always, for security reasons, I would approach answering those types of questions online with caution. 

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on November 23, 2015

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