Happy National Library Week

It does seem like every other day is a themed day of some kind (you can check on this website-for example, today is also National Hug Your Dog Day and National Siblings Day, so make sure to hug your pups and sibs!), but this week is still a special time for us here in the Law Library. 

It’s National Library Week, which means a whole week of fun and activities. Near the entrance to the library (to the left of the reference desk as you’re entering), we have a big whiteboard out so you can share your favorite study space in the library (and see where others like to study). At the reference desk itself we also have a guessing game with a big jar of candy- it’s tricky with varied sizes of candy, but we know you smarties can figure it out! Whoever has the closest guess will win the candy. There’s also a trivia question at the circulation desk- how many Law Library visits were there in the fall semester 2023? Whoever is closest will win a gift card. 

You can also check out what our Law faculty and staff are reading- it’s not just casebooks and treatises, so take a look at our LibGuide for some fiction and nonfiction recommendations. (This LibGuide also appears as a set of slides on our library digital sign at the circulation desk.) 

We hope to see you in the library this week (and every week)!

Submitted by Babler,Emma on April 10, 2024

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