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Library Lessons from Ferguson

Google these terms, "policing, Ferguson, LibGuides", and you will discover that libraries across the country are compiling timely bibliographies that discuss the crisis.  These library guides share a common theme: provide accurate information for students and educators to better understand the protests as well as to serve as a catalyst for continuing the conversation on racial issues in the United States.  What is particularly remarkable is the way academic libraries are acknowledging and sharing criminal justice resources in order to keep the discussion focused and meaningful.

The UW Law Library recently began posting the scholarship of emeritus Professor Herman Goldstein, a national expert on the topic of problem oriented policing.  Since the 1960s, Professor Goldstein has written extensively on the need to improve police practices.  His publications are showcased on the UW Law School's Faculty website and the SSRN database, adding important historical content for researchers and reporters alike.


Submitted by Cheryl O'Connor on December 17, 2014

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