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New Collaborative Study Spaces and additional Wiscard Printing Available in the Law Library

Two new collaborative study spaces are now available in the Law Library.

The Class of 1972 computer lab (Lab B) has been converted from individual quiet workstations to several large work areas ideal for collaboration
.  There are three large tables with six seats each.  A computer with a large adjustable monitor is available at each table so that students may share their work.  Cables are also available to connect laptops to the monitors.  Unlike the quiet areas of the library, we encourage law students to use this study lab to talk and engage with one another.  However, please respect your fellow students by keeping voices at a moderate level.

The former computer lab office has been converted into a large study room.  This room features a long conference table, a white board, and large computer monitor to which law students may connect their laptops.  To reserve this room (rm 2390), please use the study room reservation system at

Wiscard printing is also now available in the Class of 1972 computer lab (Lab B).  The old, debit card based system has been replaced with a new print queue that accepts Wiscard.  This is similar to the Wiscard-based printing in the Copy Center on the fifth floor of the library.  To load money onto your Wiscard print account, go to

The debit cards will no longer work with the lab printers.  However, if you have funds remaining on your card, you may still use them in the Copy Center through the end of this semester.  You can also transfer balances over $5 from the old cards to your Wiscard account at Memorial Library.  See

Note that the lab and Copy Center are on two different print queues.  Jobs sent to one set of printers will not appear in the other.  If you wish to send jobs from your laptop to the new lab print queue, you must configure your laptop according to the instructions at for PC and for Mac.  You will also need the settings information available at  For assistance, visit the IT Help Desk in room 2115 (near the faculty tower elevator).

If you have any questions or comments about the new study spaces or printers, please contact the Law Library staff at

Submitted by Bonnie Shucha, Assistant Director for Public Services on March 2, 2015

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