New Tool Called LearnLeo Academic Provides Online Access, Helps you Brief Cases from 1L Casebooks

A new tool called LearnLeo Academic is now available to UW students. LearnLeo is a tool to help law students brief cases for class. It provides online access to thousands of cases from over 270 law school casebooks (most for 1L courses). Organize, annotate and highlight critical quotes and ideas from the cases to build an online outline. LearnLeo Academic is designed to supplement your print casebook, not to replace it.

LearnLeo Academic in action

LearnLeo is entirely cloud-based, meaning it is available from any computer. To sign up, simply go to and sign up using your email address. The LearnLeo Academic account is entirely free to Law students. Note that this is a third party resources that is not owned by UW Law, and therefore may not be available beyond this semester. The UW Law Library encourages students to try the product and send any feedback or questions to Kris Turner (

Check out this introductory video for a 'tour' and demonstration of LearnLeo Academic. For more help and an introduction to the LearnLeo interface, check out the LearnLeo FAQ Page. Good luck this semester!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on September 6, 2016

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