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New resources from the UW Law Libary - Religion & the Law and Law in Eastern Europe

Even though the school year is winding down, that doesn't mean the Law Library staff is resting on it's laurels! We are always tracking down great new resources for the UW Law School community. This time, the new resources come in the form of two new collections housed in Hein Online, one of the best databases for legal research. 

The first database is Religion and the Law. This collection covers the development and basic principles of various world religions ranging from Catholicism to Buddhism to Islam. Several unique collections within this resource includes Canon Law, the Christian Legal Society and Historical Bibles. Also included are a bibliography, scholarly articles on religion and the law and much more. This collection, containing both historical and current content provides a vast amount of great sources to help religious and legal scholars discover primary and secondary sources.

Religion and the Law

Second, The Law in Eastern Europe traces the development of Law in the former Soviet Union. With over 60 titles, this collection tightly focuses on the period between roughly 1958 and 2015, covering the majority of Eastern Europe's period under Soviet rule and transition to independence to the present day. This collection is from Brill and has a two volume delay, which does not impede the historical and contemporary importance of the collection. If you are researching Russian or Eastern European legal history, this is a must-use resource.

Law in Eastern Europe

Hein Online provides an intuitive and handy interface, and the collections contain great resources. You can't beat that combination! You can find these resources and many more on the Law Library's database list, or you can simply ask a librarian to locate more great resources like this.

Good luck on your exams and final papers!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on May 2, 2017

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