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The headlines of the day from three points of view

Ever wondered if there is a solution to the polarization of our information?  Allsides, a news aggregate, attempts to solve the problem. Their tagline, "Don't be fooled by bias, think for yourself." 

However, the website doesn't claim to eliminating bias, instead it offers a platform for comparing the news of the day from different points of view. Their philosophy is to "reflect the news as it is covered from a breadth of perspectives. That includes different perspectives on the same story as well as different opinions on what the day’s top stories are." Select the tab from the home page for more information on the site's philosophy and goals.


Allsides, uses a three column format: Left, center and right.  According to its founder, John Gable, Allsides takes advantage of crowd sourcing to sort the headlines and its users can vote on news for perceived bias.  Those who vote must also fill out a bias survey. 


You can review today's top headlines or browse for topics.  The site also allows you to filter your search within three main categories: Right, center and left.  You may also select "all results." The site includes a dictionary of controversial terms to help readers understand how terms are defined in context with how they may be perceived or understood in today's news.

Allsides for Schools

There is also a tab for student and teacher resources.  Students can use this site to research today's headlines for debate topics or find articles on a variety of topics related to bias in the media.

For more information, here is a review from Loyola Marymount University's Library, Escaping Filter Bubbles with AllSides.

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on March 30, 2017

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