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Research in Foreign Law: Getting Started

Are you looking for a Code or statute from from a country outside the U.S. and don't know where to start? Foreign Law Guide (BrillOnline Reference Works) will most likely be a helpful and important first step. It provides essential information for identifying, locating, and using primary and secondary sources of foreign law, especially when you don’t have a citation and need background information in order to know where to look for a law.

Foreign Law Guide currently covers over 190 countries and the European Union. Information for each country is edited by one or more law librarians and/or legal experts, and includes an introduction to the legal system, followed by a list of codifications, gazettes, court reporters, and other legal publications, as well as a grouping of sources of law by subject.

For questions or help in getting the most out of Foreign Law Guide, contact Sunil Rao, Foreign and International Law Librarian.

Submitted by Sunil Rao, on January 15, 2019

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