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Resources to help you (and everyone) get through a cold winter

We here at the Law Library pride ourselves on being experts at legal research and helping you find that tricky source you need or helping you get started on research projects. However, we also provide general reference answers as well. With the advent of generationally cold weather, I thought it may be nice to have a list of ways to stay warm, safe and comfortable over the coming chilly months.

1. Many people are often concerned with the city's homeless population on cold nights. One great resource is here, which gives you more information on Cold Weather nights. Another useful handout provides information on warm places to stay during weeks like this as well where to go to get free food, clothes and help.

2. The City of Madison provides residents with tips about staying warm in deep freezes, ranging from appropriate thermostat temperatures to checking smoke alarms.

3. UHS also provides a handy run-down of when it is simply TOO cold to go outside and how to spot frostbite early on before it becomes too serious.

4. Our friends at the Tenant Resource Center also give tips on determining what to do if you have problems with your apartment's heat, or who is responsible for shoveling...these things may not seem so important...until they are.

5. Wisconsin's DHS provides a comprehensive Winter Weather Toolkit that gives you all the information you will ever need (hopefully!) about Wisconsin weather.

6. Staying up-to-date on closures and road conditions is very imporant during weather like this. For information on campus closures, follow or visit the campus alerts page.

7. Other closure information can be found on the City of Madison updates page, the 511 Wisc page for road conditions and accidents across Wisconsin, Madison Metro's page for bus routes and Channel 3000's school closings page for local schools that close for the weather.

Hopefully these pages will help you be better prepared for these cold Wisconsin winters. If you have any questions about where to look for specific information, please don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to help with any question you may have. Stay warm!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on January 29, 2019

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