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The new Law Library website is here!

For the past year, Law Library staff have been hard at work creating an improved website for users, whether they are faculty, staff, students or the public. Just in time for the start of the winter semester, the new site is up and running. 

The biggest changes are aesthetic updates and user-based suggestions and improvements. The new front page has been streamlined, brightened up and includes the same important links as the old page. An image carousel headlines the home page, highlighting various resources and links that users will find useful and informative. All the same great content is still there, ranging from study room reservations to document requesting and delivery to database searching. Now it is even easier to use and certainly easier on the eyes!

In the lower right, users will find links to the Law Library's social media pages. For added content about legal research, law libraries and the law in general, these are great resources (and have some fun stuff on them as well!).

The re-design is not finished. We have big plans to make our site more mobile, more powerful and overall one of the best sites that users can find. If you find any problems or broken links (hey, we aren't perfect!), please email Kris Turner. Critiques, criticism and compliments are also welcome.

We sincerely hope that you find the new site easy to navigate and a step up. Our users deserve only the best and hopefully the new Law Library site will provide that.

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on January 14, 2015

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