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What we did over Winter Break: Librarian Edition

Sure, we are all longing for those days not so long ago, during Winter Break. No classes, no reading, nothing to do (mostly) but binge-watch television. The Law Library, however, worked hard through the break and has some great new resources and even an updated look for you! So, in the spirit of a fifth grade report, here is what the Law Library did over Winter Break!

First, the Law Library subscribed to two great new resources that will be extremely useful to all you legal researchers out there: Voxgov and Proquest Supreme Court Insight. 

Supreme Court Insight provides easy access to every aspect of Supreme Court cases that have been decided since 2004 (older cases will be added in 2017). Search for cases, oral arguments, briefs, dockets and more. Supreme Court Insight provides effective filtering and searching options that allow you to locate sources quickly, as well as special "Landmark Cases" that are organized by topic so you can find important case law on your topic. Proquest supplies this useful research guide for using Supreme Court Insight, or Law Librarians can help as well!

Voxgov fills an important gap in today's research by aggregating social media posts and press releases from elected officials and official government accounts. Curious what topics are trending with state officials in Wisconsin or in the Federal government? Search across Tweets, Youtube videos, Facebook posts and other more 'official' press releases to see what is being talked about today. Voxgov is continually updated, so you can always see what is happening in real-time. Compare Republican and Democrat posts, find archived social media and much more. 

The Law Library is also happy to now own two books written by our Law Faculty! Professor Kathyrn Hendley wrote "Everyday Law in Russia" and Professor Brad Snyder wrote "The House of Truth: A Washington Political Salon and the Foundations of American Liberalism". If you'd like to read them, be sure to request them quickly, as they are proving to be popular! They are both great books, by great professors. 

Finally, you may notice that the Law Library's Circulation and Reference areas have a bit more pizazz now. That's because we spiced it up with a new eggplant stripe around the entire area. It really makes the library much more welcoming. 

                           Eggplant stripe

Speaking of welcoming, we hope to see you throughout the Spring Semester. This brief article only touches on a few of the many new highlights at the Law Library. Please ask us about other new items, resources or even aesthetic updates! Have a great semester!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on February 2, 2017

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