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What we will do over Winter Break: Law Library edition

We are only three days away from the final exam of the Fall Semester! Congratulations on finishing your semester strong. Be sure to take a break, step away, and come back refreshed in January.

While you are on break, the Law Library will be here, working hard making sure that you are supported as you continue your studies and research. Here is a brief and certainly not all-inclusive list of activities that your Law Library staff will be up to over the break:

1. Did you know that 2018 is the 125th anniversary of the Law Library? We don't feel that old! During the break, the Law Library will begin planning various events to celebrate our 125th birthday. You'll start seeing announcements and events during the summer, and the celebration will likely take place in Fall of 2018...these things take time and planning! We are already excited about some of our ideas, and think you'll really enjoy the events!

2. We are always adding new resources, both in print and online. We have already written about some of our great new resources, such as PowerNotes or Hein Online's Multinational Law Sources or Recent ALR Annotation articles. Over the break, the Law Library will continue to review and select new resources. Watch this space as we highlight some of our favorites...or just ask us!

3. In October, the Law Library premiered a new service - Lightning Sessions! The Reference Staff, over the lunch hour, hangs out in the Atrium and shows off one piece of technology or research method that we think will help you out while you study. We'll be presenting more lightning sessions this Spring, and will be finalizing our topics over the break. We'll have some snacks and a great new tool for you as you continue your research.

4.  During break, we are still here staffing the reference desk and happy to help you with any research or questions you may have. Also, the Law Library has a great selection of DVDs, including some feature films and TV shows that revolve around the law or lawyers. Take a break and watch a fun film over the break! 

5. Finally, the Law Library is very excited to premiere the UW Law School Institutional Repository in early 2018. The Repository will feature faculty scholarship, the complete run of all the Law Journals, and special collections. The Law Library will continue to expand this resource, including law school archives, oral histories and much more. Over the break, we'll be putting the finishing touches on our repository and are excited to show it off soon!

That just scratches the surface! The Law Library will continue to provide innovative service and great resources for you throughout the year. Good luck on your last finals and have a wonderful break!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on December 20, 2017

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