Ten Quick Tips for Studying for Law School Exams

  1. Do your own thing. Don’t worry about what your classmates or friends are doing- focus on yourself and how you study best. (Of course, be honest with yourself and don’t tell yourself that playing Super Mario Kart is “how you study best”!)

  2. To help with Tip #1, figure out what your learning style is and adapt your study strategies so that you’re using methods that work well for you and how you learn.

  3. Don’t procrastinate. Make sure you are starting to work on your outlines and reviewing materials before the last minute. You’ll thank your past self for this pre-work!

  4. Take breaks when needed- your brain needs a rest every so often. Don’t overwhelm yourself by studying for hours and hours without a break. Study until you can tell you’re losing focus, then take a quick break and do something else- go for a short walk, get a snack, check your social media-- then come back to your studies feeling reenergized.

  5. Take a look at past exams and practice taking them. Law school exams are very different from anything you had in undergrad, so it’s good to get a sense of what you’ll be facing on test day.

  6. Go to review sessions your professor may have. They may mention topics that they think are most important (and therefore more likely to be on the exam), and other students may have the same questions you have.

  7. Use the library. Check out a study room to study with friends and classmates, find a secluded spot for quiet study, or check out some study aids.

  8. Learn to combat “exam freeze” and move on if you get stuck during an exam.

  9. It may sound like the same advice you got in grade school, but we firmly believe it’s elementary for law students, too: before the exam, get some good sleep and eat breakfast!

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Librarians, professors, academic support staff-- we all want to help you succeed in law school and beyond.








Submitted by Emma E Babler on January 15, 2019

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