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Disaster Relief Legal Resources

Disaster Relief

The American Bar Association Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness has posted resources for disaster relief on their website at, ABA's Disaster Relief.  The website includes links to FEMA resources, insurance and tax information as well as contact information for legal assistants from the Texas Bar Association and the Florida Bar Association.  This guide also includes information on how to volunteer and donate to the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Relief funds. 

The Wisconsin Bar Association also provides resources for Wisconsin Lawyers who would like to volunteer to help with disaster relief, see, Hurricane Harvey: Court Order Allows Wisconsin Lawyers to Help in Texas. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

If you would like to access NOAA directly, below are three sites where you can monitor weather in your area or access the alert service.

If you are interested in historical weather data, historical data is available at the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

NOAA Weather Service

NOAA Active Alerts

For historical weather data, The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

Weather Apps

Want to keep up-to-date on the weather in your area?  You can download these weather apps to your mobile device to receive alerts for severe weather or to follow weather reporting by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) NOAA Weather Radar  - Google Play NOAA Weather Radar - Apple Store Weather from NOAA Free - Google Play NOAA NOW - Apple Store

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