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Travel Apps for your Mobile Device

Here are a few useful and fun mobile apps for your holiday travels.  One app that is especially useful during traffic jams is Waze, a social media app that tracks traffic patterns using its community to update the map.  Waze tracks cheap gas prices, traffic backups and police traps. 

Need a taxi?  Another useful app is TaxiMagic, which allows you to book taxis in cities in the United States, although according to reviews, it doesn't work as well outside of the United States. 

At the airport, try Gateguru to check departure times or to see which restaurants are near your gate.  For organizing your trip before you go or to plan your trip try Hipmunk and Tripit.

A few essential apps for making the most of your travels

GateGuru - An app for checking flights departures, or to see what restaurants are near your gate. 

Hipmunk - Plan your flight, reserve lodging, and check for travel deals with Hipmunk.

HopStop   - Don't wander around aimlessly in the city.  HopStop will help you navigate with maps, guides, and directions.

TaxiMagic - Book and manage your rides using TaxiMagic, also has tracking and alerts. 

TripIt - Use Tripit as a travel manager.  When you book flights, car rentals, & hotels TripIt will put them into an intinerary for you.

Waze - A user generated traffic information app that provides information on routes, jams, cheapest places for gas, police traps, all updated continually by social media.  

Museums, zoos, places of interest

While touring the Detroit Institute of Art over the Thanksgiving holiday, I downloaded the Detroit Industry, Rivera Court app for a guided tour of the amazing Rivera Industry Court.  If you are planning to visit museums, zoos or local attractions, check your apps store to see if they offer apps for guided tours to enrich and inform your experience. 

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on December 6, 2013

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