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Two useful databases available at the University of Wisconsin Law Library for arbitration law are: Bloomberg/BNA's Labor and Employment Law Resource Center, which focuses on United States labor and employment law resources, and KluwerArbitration, which provides resources on international commercial arbitration. 

Labor and Employment Law Resource Center

This database has cases, statutes, regulations, manuals, news articles, and more relating to United States labor and employment law. Customized email delivery of Bloomberg/BNA Labor and Employment Law newsletters are also available to UW Law School Faculty and Academic Staff through BNA Online Email Highlights.  To setup the email alert you must sign up and register with Bloomberg/BNA.  Select the link at the top left-hand side of the home screen to register with Bloomberg/BNA, then select the newsletters you want sent to your email box.

For arbitration resources, select the tab at the top of the home page, "Labor Arbitration and Collective Bargaining."  This tab features the latest arbitration decisions, topical newsletters, and BNA insights.  You can perform a quick case or statute search, or a more complex search by selecting the advanced search feature.

Directory of Arbitrators

Another useful feature of this database for arbitration law research is the Directory of Arbitrators.

Located in the center of the arbitration screen, Under the box titled, Directory of Abitrators, you can search by the name of an arbitrator or by location, industry or keyword.

What's New at Bloomberg/BNA

  • The State Law Chart Builder is a new feature on this labor and employment law database.  The State Law Chart Builder is useful if you want to create charts by category or jurisdiction.  You can further customize by selecting topics for your chart. 


KluwerArbitration has full-text primary and secondary materials and commentary in the field of international commercial arbitration. This database includes Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), court decisions, arbitration awards, legislation, rules, conventions, commentaries and news. 

You can search by browsing for a case, BITs, journal title or book, or you can perform a keyword search.  To browse, select the category: cases, BITs, decisions, journal articles or books.  To perform an advanced search select advanced search at the top of the screen.  The advanced feature offers a menu box to narrow your search by jurisdiction, topic or date. 

What's New in KluwerArbitration

Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration have been added to the KluwerArbitration database.

Also, two new Smart Charts have been added to KluwerArbitration:

  • The Appointment and Challenge of Arbitrators Smart Chart.  Create a chart that compares appointments, revocation or challenges by jurisdiction. 

  • Privacy and Confidentiality in Arbitration Smart Charts.  Compare privacy rules by jurisdiction. 

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on September 25, 2013

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