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Because I'm 'Appy: Spring Break Travel Apps for Law Students

Here are a few apps to help you pack, organize, create lists, locate the best travel routes and make travel easier during your spring break.

Packing Apps

Packing Pro - Helpful app for organizing your packing so you don't forget anything essentials.  Available to download from the App Store.  Cost is $2.99. 

TripIt for iPad and iPhoneTripIt - All your travel plans on the go.  Free travel organizer app available at the App Store, Google Play, Blackberry & Windows 7.  If you don't want to view ads, you can upgrade to TripIt Pro for $2.99.

Author J.R. Atkins reviews the travel App TripListTripList - Don't miss an item for your trip.  Trip List helps you organize what you need to pack, you can even share your list with your buddies.  Integrates with TripIt.  Available at the App Store and on Google Play.

Travel Apps

Onthefly  ITAsoftware's free app can be used for locating & comparing airline fares.  Free app available to download from the App Store or Google Play.  

Waze  A free user-generated trip app, shows you were the cheapest gas prices are, best routes, and locates traffic jams so you can avoid them.  Available to download from the App Store or Google Play or Windows Phone Store. 

Reminder Apps

  Due - Cost: $4.99. Fast reminders and egg timers. Available to download from the App Store.

Remember the Milk - Remember the Milk is a free to-do list app.  Available at the Apps Store, Google Play and Blackberry World.

Find My Friends App

    Find My Friends - Apple's Find My Friends helps you locate your friends while on vacation by mapping to their location.  

Wi-Fi Finder App

Wi-Fi Finder  Find Wi-Fi hot-spots when you travel and download their locations.  Has a use GPS function to tell you where the closest hot-spot are.

Reading Apps

Cover artGoodreads - and Goodreads spring break reading list!

Amazon's  Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook are two free reading apps that you can take to the beach. 

Language Translator Apps

Cover artImage it - Don't have the words, use this app to show a picture of what you need. Available at the App Store and Google Play.

itranslate - Free, well-reviewed app, over 80 languages translated.  Available at the App Store and Google Play

itranslate Voice 2 - Voice to voice translator. Instantly translates what you say into 42 languages.  Cost $2.99.  Available at the App Store.

For more apps see Appy Traveler: Best New Apps for Travelers by CNN traveler updated Nov. 13, 2013.

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