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Beyond Westlaw and Lexis: Databases at the Law Library

Featured in this article are a few examples of the legal databases available at the Law Library that you might find valuable for your research needs. All the databases specialize in some aspect of legal research. Some, like, RIA Checkpoint, providing a topical approach to your research needs, others, such as Index to Legal Periodicals, began as print resources and are now available online. Most of these databases strive to preserve the special features that made them so valuable in print, but now as databases, they also include the advantages an online format. Some databases provide primary material, others focus on secondary legal resources. Abstracts about these databases are provided below and for further information, there are links to past newsletter articles that describe the features of these databases in more detail. Hein Online - A great resource for locating scholarly legal journals in PDF format, Hein Online also provides a Federal Register Library, an Intellectual Property Library, American Bar Association Journals and Criminal Justice Journals. For more information on this database, see Bonnie Shucha's law school newsletter, New Resource! Hein-On-Line, article at Index to Legal Periodicals - Index to Legal Periodicals, once a print index, is now online. This database provides abstracts and full-text articles dating back to 1908. For more information on this database, see Sunil Rao's law school newsletter article, Index to Legal Periodicals, at RIA Checkpoint - RIA Checkpoint provides tax material dating back to 1950. ,RIA Checkpoint provides statutes, regulations, cases, IRS rulings, Citator 2d and more. For example, if you select the "Tool" tab at the top of the home page, you have access to a variety of financial calculators. For more information on this database, see Jenny Zook's law school article, RIA Checkpoint, at To locate these database, select Electronic Resources at the Law Library Home Page at To locate Hein Online and Index to Legal Periodicals select Journals and News Articles, scroll to the database and select. To locate RIA Checkpoint select All E-Resources by Title, select (R) and scroll to the database and select.

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on February 2, 2007

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