Charitable Search Engines

Donating to charities is part of the holiday season and now you can help a charity for free. It is as simple as selecting a search engine on the Internet. Here is how it works; instead of using Google, Yahoo or MSN to search, select a charitable search engine and earn money for charity by your activities. You search for free, while advertising dollars provide the money for the charity. To learn more on what search engines provide money for charity, see this article from DoshDosh, 15 Charity Search Engines that help you give money to charity for free. An Australian blogger has tried out four or five of these search engines and come up with his own recommendation on which search engine he liked the best. See his recommendation at Review of Charity Search Engine Another article, Charitible Clicking from Smartmoney, recommends the search engines and Whatever charitable search engine you select, the search engine will help you find the information you need on the Web and you will help out a good cause. What better way to begin the new year.

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on January 15, 2008

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