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You can always expect great things from Hein Online.  From law reviews, the U.S. Code, Supreme Court decisions to world constitutions and all manner of scholarly treatises, you’ll find it on Hein.

Recently, the library purchased another outstanding collection called the History of Supreme Court Nominations bringing “together hundreds of articles, hearings, documents, and titles to create a historical database of some of the most influential Supreme Court Justices to serve in the United States.”

One of the cornerstones of this collection is the Supreme Court of the United States : Hearings and Reports on Successful and Unsuccessful Nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This seminal multi-volume set covers the time period beginning in 1916 with the nomination of Louis D. Brandeis through Elena Kagan’s confirmation to the Court in 2010.

You can also “Browse by Justice” going all the way back to the 1st Chief Justice John Jay.  The categories of material you can expect to find with each Biography will include “Commentaries and Other Relevant Sources,” a “Bibliography” and “Scholarly Articles Chosen by Our Editors.”  These selected articles include both articles written by the Justice and those about them.  Articles may be searched by author or title, as well as, be sorted by author, title or most-cited.

Within the “Commentaries and Other Relevant Sources” section, one of the more exciting titles available is the American Statesmen edited by John T. Morse, Jr.  This 32 volume series chronicles not only many of the Justices, but many Great Americans as well.  By following the link above, online access to this title may also be had through the library catalog via HathiTrust.  All told, the History of Supreme Court Nominations library from Hein boasts over 120 titles related to the Supreme Court and its Justices.  You can survey all of them by selecting “Browse by Title.”

As is often the case with Hein Online libraries, there are also “External Links” such as to the U.S. Supreme Court website, and research guides on the subject from Georgetown Law Library for example.

Please take some time to investigate Hein Online a little more.  History of Supreme Court Nominations is not the only thing that’s new.  Another closely related library recently purchased is Congress and the Courts.  The title by the same name is an ongoing series documenting the legislative history between Congress and the Courts since 1787 to the present.  And like the History library includes scholarly articles, as well as, many other related works of the highest caliber.

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on November 21, 2013

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