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No matter what day is your special day, from Apple Sauce Cake Day (May 6th), to National Yo-Yo Day( June 6th), you can find it on the Web. Bizzare and Unique Holidays The winter holidays are coming up, and yet there is never a time when someone isn't celebrating something somewhere in the world. For instance, did you know that there is a month dedicated to Hot Tea and that September is National Blueberry Popsicle Month? A day set aside by an act of congress, National Poinsettia Day (December 12th), is coming up soon. If you would like to check online to see if your favorite dish or activity has a special day, you can search for holidays at at To locate, go to the home page, select Bizarre and Unique Days on the left-hand side of the screen and search by month. Math for Travelers But what if you like to combine math with travel and holidays, is there a math site for holiday travelers like you? There actually is such a place at A Math Hunt for Holiday Travelers. Listed below is an sample of a question from the Web site for the mathmatically inclined holiday traveler: "If Jane worked every Labor Day from the first year the holiday was celebrated until 1902, how many hours did she work?" To find the answer, select, A Math Hunt for Holiday Travelers, at Legal Holidays In the United States there are ten legal public holidays listed in the United States Code. To view the law on American legal holidays, select the site provided by Cornell Law School at The US Navy at, has a nice site that posts a link to Cornell Law School's site for the United States Code section on legal holidays,Title 5 Section 6103. This site also provides a link to Patriotic and National Observances, just in case you want to know when to celebrate Leif Erikson Day or National Transportation Week in the United States. Wikipedia has a Web page for Legal Holidays, you can find it at Wisconsin The University of Wisconsin post its own legal holidays site. According to this site, there are nine legal holidays in Wisconsin. To view the list go to Would you like to view a listing of Bank Holidays around the world? Locate the list at at Worldbook Encyclopediahas a Holidays Around the World site at Infoplease has a site for holidays, and also provides calendars and clocks at Interfaith calendar, list primary sacred days for religions of the world at Winter Holidays Only interested in Winter Holidays? Check out Winter Holidays Around the World Have a question for Professor Holiday, ask at at Check out holiday calendars at Web Holiday at Another world holiday calendar site is located at Happy Holidays from the Library.

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