Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (online edition 2011)

The question is often asked “Is there an online version of the Bluebook?”  The answer is “yes.”  However, it’ll cost you.  Pricing begins at $32 a year presently.

FOR FREE, you might consider trying Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (online ed. 2011) instead.

As author, Peter W. Martin, clearly states: “This work first appeared in 1993. It was most recently revised in the fall of 2011 to take account of changes in the citation rules of a number of U.S. jurisdictions, having been revised the year before to reflect the appearance of the fourth edition of the ALWD Citation Manual and the nineteenth edition of The Bluebook, both published in 2010.”

Like the Bluebook, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation covers the whole range of legal citation situations from court rules to state statutes with plenty of real-life examples to guide you.

“The content of this guide is also available in three different e-book formats: 1) a pdf version that can be printed out in whole or part and also used with hyperlink navigation on an iPad or other tablet, indeed, on any computer; 2) a version designed specifically for use on the Kindle and other readers or apps using the Mobipocket format; and 3) a version in ePub format for the Nook and other readers or apps that work with it. To access any of them, click here.”

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on February 14, 2012

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