It's That Time of the Semester...Restricted Access at the Law Library

Restricted access to the UW Law Library begins on Sat. Nov. 9.  With exams only a month away and the need to maintain a quiet study environment, access to the library is now limited to law students and those patrons doing legal research or using the government documents collection.  Law students, please remember to bring along your UW ID and make sure you have a green Gargoyle sticker adhered to the front side.  This greatly facilitates the monitoring process.  If you need a Gargoyle sticker, just ask the staff at the circulation desk.

It is easy to reserve study rooms online and there are other areas in the library conducive for  studying, including the Quarles & Brady Reading Room where laptop use is permitted. And as you prepare for finals, keep in mind the Law Library's compilation of Study Guides and the Law School Exam Archive.

Extended hours will begin after Thanksgiving on Sunday, December 1.

Submitted by Cheryl O'Connor on November 9, 2013

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