Looking for Research Funding Sources? Check-out the UW Grants Information Collection

The UW Grants Information Collection, on the second floor of Memorial Library, is your access point for locating authoritative funding sources.  This special collection has been on campus for thirty years and is supported by the philanthropic work of the Foundation Center in New York.

One online subscription especially worth mentioning is COS Pivot.  This database is designed for faculty, staff and graduate students trying to locate scholarships, fellowships and grants in any discipline and in any country.  Pivot combines an editorially maintained database of funding opportunities (worth an estimated 33 billion dollars) with profiles from a broad community of scholars.  Upload your CV or publications list on Pivot in order to learn about funding sources, to find possible collaborators in your field of research, and to receive alerts as new grants are posted.

To get started, consult the Grant Writing Proposal Guide compiled by Memorial Librarian, Ellen Jacks.  Many of the resources listed in this Guide are available when you log-in to the UW Madison Libraries page with your net ID.

Submitted by Cheryl O'Connor on January 13, 2014

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