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Mobile apps for law students

Welcome back!  I hope that your Spring Breaks were restful and you are recharged for the remainder of the semester.  The year's finish line is in sight!

Last week, Jenny Zook wrote a great article about apps that can make traveling easier.  Earlier this week, the US News and World Report published an article that serves as sort of an academic corollary to her article.  The article discusses mobile apps that are useful for law student and prospective law students (if you know any incoming 1ls, this article would be very helpful). 

The article covers legal dictionaries, research databases (such as Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and HeinOnline), productivity apps and much more.  Jenny Zook, Bonnie Shucha and myself were all interviewed for the article. 

If you are interested in adding any of these apps or want to know more about apps in general (or a specific one) feel free to ask any reference librarian.  We would be happy to help with either Apple or Android products.     

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on March 24, 2014

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