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New Databases to Expand Your Research Reach

Bills and Resolutions, US (ProQuest Congressional)

A full text collection of all versions of all US Bills (public and private) and Resolutions since 1789.  Each document is in PDF format and completely searchable.  For additional information on Congressional Lawmaking, see ProQuest Congressional or ProQuest Legislative Insight.   



A service that delivers scholarly journals—including law journals—from major publishers to the iPad or other tablet devices. Browzine combines individual articles from databases and unites them to recreate complete journals arranged in a familiar bookshelf format.  The user can then easily browse, read, and monitor academic journals. To access, download Browzine for free from the App Store.  After installing the app, sign in via the UW-Madison subscription. You can then access journals to which both UW and Browzine subscribe.



A database of legal materials from India, including the full text of cases from the Supreme Court of India, the state High Courts, and courts during the colonial period. Also includes national and state legislation, bills from the central parliament, committee reports, and more.


Oxford Handbook Online

Provides access to the full text of more than 160 titles published as part of the Oxford Handbooks series. These titles are cataloged by title in our library catalog, and also can be searched here as one database. Seven individual subject modules are available - Business & Management, Economics & Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, and Religion. NOT ALL HANDBOOKS ARE LICENSED.


Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Publications

HeinOnline’s digitized and searchable collection of papers and articles by noted scholars on foreign and comparative law, with an emphasis on historical materials. Covers over 200 years’ worth of scholarship, and includes Szladits' Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law, one of the preeminent sources for locating articles in English dealing with non-common law legal systems.


Wisconsin Jury Instructions – Loislaw
An online database and collection of all three sets of Wisconsin Jury Instructions. The instructions are searchable and can be either printed or downloaded.

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Please note this listing was produced by Sunil Rao, Foreign & International Law Librarian, and originally presented at the Big Ideas Cafe on Aug. 28, 2013.

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on September 9, 2013

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