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New Firefox Add-ons Turns Legal Cites into Links and Creates Bluebook Citations from Westlaw Documents

There are a couple new Firefox add-ons that are very useful for the legal researcher.

Jureeka! is a new Firefox add-on that looks for legal citations in ordinary web pages and turns them into hyperlinks that lead to a free version of the cited source.  Pretty nifty.  You can download it at the Firefox Add-ons site.

It apparently works for statutes, case law, regulations, federal court rules, international law sources, and more.  See the source coverage spreadsheet for a complete listing.

Jureeka! also has a toolbar which allows you to search for source material by legal citation and to find HTML versions of PDF pages. 

CiteGenie is another new add-on that, as its website promises, "automagically" creates Bluebook formatted pinpoint citations when copying from Westlaw.

Wow - this is really impressive.  If you're a Westlaw user, this could save you a lot of time when writing papers or briefs.  I've created a quick video of me using CiteGenie.  As you can see, it's very easy to use.  One thing to note, however, CiteGenie does not work if you have Jureeka installed.

A review of CiteGenie appears in  Author, Marc Hershovitz explains how it works and shares his test results for various citation types.


Update: CiteGenie now supports LexisNexis as well. And, it also offers improved compatibility with Jureeka. See the change log for these and other upgrades.

It also appears that when you install CiteGenie, you're only getting a 90 day trial. After that, you have to register. A colleague reports that the license fee is currently $14.97 for 3 computers plus $4.99 for each additional computer. I'm not sure where this is listed - I didn't see it on the site.

Submitted by Bonnie Shucha on November 7, 2008

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