Procedural Timetable : A Chronology

The following procedural timetable comes from West’s American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated (Reference KF8836 A45).

The opening reads “Listed below are the principal procedural steps in chronological order.  The table is useful as a reminder to take the essential steps in their proper sequence.  However, in view of procedural differences, some of the steps listed may not be required or appropriate in a particular case or in the jurisdiction involved and the order for taking such steps may vary.”

·         Giving notice required by statute or local practice

·         Making tender or offer to perform

·         Institution of arbitration proceedings

·         Appointment of representative of infant or incompetent party

·         Filing of complaint, declaration or petition

·         Verification of pleadings

·         Issuance of summons, writ or citation

·         Attaching or garnishing assets of defendant

·         Giving notice of lis pendens to protect rights

·         Obtaining injunctive relief or restraining order to protect rights

·         Filing petition for removal of action from state to federal court

·         Filing motion to quash summons

·         Filing appearance (general or special)

·         Filing demurrer or motion to strike

·         Filing answer, defense, cross complaint

·         Pleading counterclaim, recoupment, or setoff

·         Giving security for costs

·         Filing reply or replication

·         Obtaining leave to amend pleadings

·         Filing motion for change of venue

·         Moving to disqualify judge for bias

·         Instituting proceedings for summary judgment or judgment on the pleadings

·         Interpleader of adverse claimants

·         Impleading third party

·         Intervention by third party

·         Obtaining substitution of party (revivor)

·         Requesting bill of particulars

·         Taking depositions and serving interrogatories

·         Proceedings for discovery, inspection, pretrial examination

·         Holding pretrial conference

·         Agreed case (submission on stipulated facts)

·         Filing motion for severance or consolidation

·         Filing memorandum of note of issue

·         Giving notice of trial

·         Subpoenaing witnesses

·         Moving for adjournment or continuance

·         Moving for dismissal or nonsuit

·         Moving for directed verdict

·         Requesting instructions to jury

·         Requesting findings of fact and conclusions of law

·         Moving for judgment notwithstanding the verdict

·         Submission of cost bill

·         Moving for taxation of costs

·         Obtaining arrest of stay of judgment

·         Filing motion for new trial and securing hearing date

·         Filing notice of appeal

·         Obtaining and filing of bond for costs on appeal, supersedeas, etc.

·         Obtaining execution or stay of execution

·         Taking supplementary proceedings

·         Obtaining satisfaction of judgment

·         Perfecting appeal or other review procedure