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Proquest Executive Branch Documents: A New Resource

The Law Library (and all Campus libraries) recently subscribed to a new collection from Proquest.  The Proquest Executive Documents collection covers the years 1789-1932 with the goal of collecting all executive documents published by the U.S. government in it's first 120 years and includes over 400,000 resources that are not included in the serial set.  All the documents are fully searchable and can also be searched in conjunction with other database collections on the Proquest Congressional Platform. 

The collection includes many previously difficult to find items from a wide range of executive departments including but not limited to:

  • Treasury Department

  • Commerce and Labor Departments

  • State Department

  • Interstate Commerce Commission

  • Commerce Department

  • Interior Department

  • Justice Department

  • Post Office Department

If you have any questions about searching or problems with the database, please ask a reference librarian.  In addition to the link above you can find it on our Database List, under "E". 

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on March 25, 2014

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