QR Codes in the Law Library: Scan and Go

We have all been there: you are in the stacks looking for an introductory book about a subject, but can’t quite find the right one. Or even worse, you found the resource you want, but the most current editions are online only and you are already in the stacks!

Now there is an easier way to find subject guides and the most current resources online. While you are browsing the stacks or just studying somewhere in the library, watch for signs or books with QR codes. If you have a scanner app downloaded (there are many free scanner apps across all platforms), you just scan it like a barcode, and you will be taken to the resource you are looking for! 

The Law Library will be integrating QR codes into a variety of subjects, focusing on areas that are commonly taught in the law school. The librarians are also adding QR codes for resources that have been cancelled in print but are still available online. You will be able to gain access to many more of our e-resources with just a phone and your NetID. All you have to do is scan and go.

If you have never used a QR code, it couldn’t be easier. Here is a quick rundown on what they are and how they work. Below is an example of one that you can try for yourself. You’ll notice it has been slightly modified to show off our school pride!


If you have questions, feel free to ask any librarian. Happy scanning!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on December 10, 2013

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