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Recent ALR 6th Annotations

by Eric Taylor Continuing our exploration of some of the newer annotations in the American Law Reports (ALR) family, this week we will look ALR 6th. The ALR 6th, like ALR Fed 2d, is one of the newer series in the ALR family of law reporters. Besides the usual references to cases, statutes, and regulations, the new ALR 6th now includes references to appellate briefs and pleadings associated with the reported case highlighted in a given annotation, as well as, references to Westlaw topical databases, private and governmental websites relevant to the annotation's topic. To review the annotations listed below, plus many more, consult ALR 6th in print, available in our Reference collection (KF132 A56), or access it online at Westlaw. George L. Blum, J.D., Annotation, Validity of Warrantless Search of Motor Vehicle Passenger based on Odor of Marijuana, 1 ALR 6th 371 (2005). Marjorie A. Shields, J.D., Annotation, Electronic Spoilation of Evidence, 3 ALR 6th 13 (2005). George L. Blum, J.D., Annotation, Rights and Liabilities of Unaccredited Law Schools and Their Students, 5 ALR 6th 449 (2005). George L. Blum, J.D., Annotation, Right of Jailed or Imprisoned Parent to Visit from Minor Child, 6 ALR 6th 483 (2005). Fern L. Kletter, J.D., Annotation, Excessiveness of Bail in State Criminal Cases-Amounts over $500,000, 7 ALR 6th 487 (2005). Kristine Cordier Karnezis, J.D., Annotation, Electronic Voting Systems, 12 ALR 6th 523 (2006). Fern L. Kletter, J.D., Annotation, Construction and Application of Rule permitting Knock And Talk Visits under Fourth Amendment and State Constitutions, 15 ALR 6th 515 (2006). Dale Joseph Gilsinger, J.D., Annotation, When is Warrantless Entry of House or other Building Justified under "Hot Pursuit" Doctrine, 17 ALR 6th 327 (2006). Robin Miller, J.D., Annotation, Employee's Expectation of Privacy in Workplace, 18 ALR 6th 1 (2006). Fern L. Kletter, J.D., Annotation, Cigarette Lighter as Deadly or Dangerous Weapon, 22 ALR 6th 533 (2007). Marjorie A. Shields, J.D., Annotation, Invocation and Effect of State Secrets Privilege, 23 ALR 6th 521 (2007). Jay M. Zitter, J.D. Annotation, Failure of State Prosecutor to Disclose Exculpatory Tape Recorded Evidence as Violating Due Process, 24 ALR 6th 1 (2007). Brian L. Porto, J.D., Annotation, Timeliness of Execution of Search Warrant, 27 ALR 6th 491 (2007). Elizabeth D. Lauzon, J.D., Annotation, Constitutionality of Requiring Presentation of Photographic Identification in Order to Vote, 27 ALR 6th 541 (2007). Other annotations you can find in this series include a vast range of topics from remedies for breach of plea bargain, regulation of paintball guns, denial of driver's licenses to illegal aliens, application of the attorney-client privilege respecting electronic documents, and much more.

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