Recent A.L.R.6th Annotations

The A.L.R.6th is the newest series from the American Law Reports family of reporters. Besides the usual references to cases, statutes, and regulations which accompany every annotation, the new A.L.R.6th now includes references to trial materials such as appellate briefs and pleadings associated with the lead case being highlighted by a given annotation, as well as, references to Westlaw topical databases, private and governmental websites relevant to the annotation's topic. To review the annotations listed below, plus many more, consult A.L.R.6th in print, available in our Reference Collection (KF132 A56), or access them online at Westlaw.

·         Jay M. Zitter, J.D., Annotation, Validity of Runoff Voting Election Methodology, 67 A.L.R.6th 609 (2011).

·         Kevin D. Canton, J.D., Annotation, Class-of-One Equal Protection Claims based upon Real Estate Development, Zoning, and Planning, 68 A.L.R.6th 229 (2011).

·         Ann K. Wooster, J.D., Annotation, Invasion of Privacy by Using or Obtaining E-mail or Computer Files, 68 A.L.R.6th 331 (2011).

·         Marjorie A. Shields, J.D., Annotation, Criminal Defendant’s Right to Electronic Recordation of Interrogations and Confessions, 69 A.L.R.6th 579 (2011).

·         William M. Howard, J.D., Ph.D., Annotation, Constitutionality of Restricting Public Speech in Street, Sidewalk, Park or other Public Forum—Characteristics of Forum, 70 A.L.R.6th 513 (2011).

·         Deborah F. Buckman, J.D., Annotation, Validity, Construction, and Application of State Statutes and Rules governing requests for Postconviction DNA Testing, 72 A.L.R.6th 227 (2012).

·         Gary D. Spivey, J.D., Annotation, Regulation of Consumer Loans under Uniform Consumer Credit Code, 73 A.L.R.6th 425 (2012).

·         Aaron L. Weisman, J.D., Annotation, Vested Right of Retiree to promised Medical Insurance Benefits from Private Employer, 74 A.L.R.6th 267 (2012).

·         Dale Joseph Gilsinger, J.D., Annotation, Purchase of Annuity by Debtor as Fraud on Creditors, 74 A.L.R.6th 549 (2012).

·         Jay M. Zitter, J.D., Annotation, Construction and Application of “Make My Day” and “Stand Your Ground” Statutes, 76 A.L.R.6th 1 (2012).

·         Jay M. Zitter, J.D., Annotation, Issues arising in Same Sex Divorce and Dissolution of Same-Sex Civil Unions, 76 A.L.R.6th 257 (2012).

·         Staff of American Law Reports, 2011 to 2012 A.L.R. United States Supreme Court Review, 76 A.L.R.6th 587 (2012).

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on November 13, 2012

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