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This week’s column presents a select list of practice articles recently appearing in Proof of Facts.  Now in its 3rd series, Proof of Facts is one of a trio of titles that I call the “brick.”  The other two are Trials and Causes of Action.  I call them the “brick” because they are the building blocks on which a solid trial practice in both civil and criminal matters is built.  As you might expect, these three titles are shelved together in the Reference Collection within the KF8863 to KF8933 call number range.

Organized by topic and written by authorities in their field, each article in Proof of Facts is fully annotated to further your research, including such features as:

  • a detailed outline of the article in hand;
  • a comprehensive article index;
  • the “legal background” discussing the law which controls the facts you must prove;
  • elements of the proof, discovery, and jurisdiction;
  • technical notes explaining the use of forensic, medical, and scientific evidence;
  • model interrogatories, sample forms, jury instructions, and deposition checklists;
  • aids in the direct examination of plaintiff and defendant, testimony of expert witnesses;
  • drawings and diagrams.

To review the articles from the 3rd series  listed below, plus many more in print, go to Reference collection: KF8933 A425 or online at Westlaw.

A complete list of articles appearing in Proof of Facts can be found in the print index “A-C’ shelved at the end of set.  This first index volume includes a “List of Articles by Category” and a “List of Article by Volume.”

Submitted by Eric Taylor on November 13, 2008

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