Roggensack and Fallone heading to April Supreme Court Election

With 99% of the votes tabulated, April 2 will now feature a choice between incumbent Pat Roggensack and challenger Ed Fallone.

Roggensack, with 229,274 votes (approximately 64%) and Fallone, with 106,237 (approximately 30%) both survived the primary election and eliminated Vince Megna, who received 22,711 votes (6%). 

The candidate that garners the most votes on April 2 will be a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice for 10 years.  The election is expected to ramp up now that there are only two remaining candidates, with more money being used on television spots and other campaign ads. 

To get a better idea for what each candidate stands for and what their platform is, please visit their respective websites:

Pat Roggensack:  

Ed Fallone:

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on February 20, 2013

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