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Scanners Available at the Law Library

New this year, the law library has three publicly accessible print scanners available for use at no charge.

There are two copier/scanner units - one on the 5th floor in the copy center and one on the 3rd floor near the journals. There is also a book scanner on the 5th floor in the copy center.

The book scanner is especially recommended for bound materials. This flatbed scanner has a beveled edge which allows the user to scan materials with out breaking the bindings. The book scanner offers multiple scan settings, such as choice of resolution and color scans.

The copier/scanner units are best for quick scanning of unbound materials. They offer limited settings and scan more quickly than the book scanner.

On the copier/scanner units, users select the scanner function and enter an email address. When your scan is complete, the machine automatically sends a PDF file to you. With the book scanner, users create a PDF file which they can then email or copy onto a thumb drive.

The Law School Copy Shop also offers scanning services for 5 cents per page. They can scan documents into either a PDF (not editable) or a TIF (editable). Scanned pages may delivered as an email attachment, on a floppy disk, or burned to a CD-Rom.

The law library also has two microfiche/microfilm scanners available in the microforms area on the second floor. There is no cost to scan materials, but printing costs 15 cents per page.

Submitted by Bonnie Shucha, Head of Reference on September 2, 2010

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