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 The State Bar of Wisconsin is rolling out its new online offering Books UnBound.  These are the electronic versions of the highly informative and useful State Bar CLE Books.

More information about how to access these titles through the library’s webpage is available at:

In the last couple years, the State Bar has also been issuing new print editions of many of these same titles.  These new print editions can be found on Reserve behind the Circulation Desk.  You’ll recognize them by their distinctive brown binders.  Today’s article introduces you to eleven of these new titles.

1) The Attorney’s Guide to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, 4th edition (2009-)

Contents: Organization of the Court – Jurisdiction – Expedited Appeals, Emergency Appeals, and Temporary Relief Pending Appeal – Preparing and Filing the Appeal – Record on Appeal – Direct Criminal Appeals – Habeas Corpus : Conflicts between State and Federal Courts – In Forma Pauperis Appeals; Appointed Counsel – Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions – Motion Practice – Standards of Review – The Brief – Scheduling Oral Argument; Submission without Oral Argument – Presenting Oral Argument – Proceedings After the Argument – Damages, Double Costs, and Fees – Appendices – Index.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KF9054 7th A954

2) Family Law Casenotes and Quotes, 2nd edition (2010-)

Quoting directly from the Introduction, “Family Law Casenotes and Quotes contains a casenote for each Wisconsin family law case published since the Divorce Reform Act” (1977) to present.  Some elements of the casenote include the case’s name, full citation, “a concise statement of the case’s relevant facts, including procedural aspects,” and “the case’s important quotations and pinpoint citations for the quotations.”

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2494 B342

3) A Guide for Wisconsin Nonprofit Organizations, 3rd edition (2010)

Contents: The organizational form -- Tax treatment -- The roles of directors and officers -- Liability issues and insurance needs -- Employment-law considerations -- Employee benefits -- Regulation of fund-raising -- Regulatory control of lobbying and political activities -- Merger, conversion, sale of assets, and dissolution -- Index.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2611 G85 2010

4) The Law of Damages in Wisconsin, 5th edition (2010-)

Partial Contents: Compensatory damages -- Punitive damages -- Nominal damages -- Multiple damages -- Pain and suffering -- Emotional or mental distress -- Disability and loss of enjoyment of life -- Lost earning capacity -- Medical, hospital, and related expenses -- Aggravation of preexisting injuries -- Defamation.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2490 D3 L394

5)  Marital Property Law in Wisconsin, 4th edition (2010)

Quoting directly from the Preface, “Marital Property Law in Wisconsin has been a leading source of information regarding Wisconsin’s community property system for more than 25 years.  Attorneys and courts alike have relied on this book for guidance on marital property matters, and we are confidant that the fourth edition of this book will prove to be an influential, as well as a practical, resource for those wading into the thicket of marital property law.”

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2497 M366

6) Traffic Law and Practice in Wisconsin, 4th edition (2010)

Contents: Vol. 1. Wisconsin’s driver licensing system -- Traffic offenses involving the driving privilege -- Commercial driver licensing -- Common moving traffic violations -- Statutory procedures for traffic cases -- Wisconsin’s impaired driving offenses -- Vol. 2. Implied consent and chemical tests for intoxication -- The defense of alcohol-related driving offenses.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2697.8 T742

7) Wisconsin Employment Law, 4th edition (2009)

Contents: Basic principles of employment law -- Overview of state and federal employment statutes -- Hiring -- Employment agreements and employee handbooks -- Wages and hours -- Employee benefits -- Occupational safety and health -- Worker’s compensation -- Privacy and individual rights -- Personnel management and records -- Termination of employment -- Unemployment insurance -- Wrongful discharge -- Employment discrimination -- Postemployment competition.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2734 W573

8) Wisconsin Insurance Law, 6th edition (2010)

Contents:  v.1. Interpretation of insurance contracts -- Automobile liability insurance -- Uninsured motorist insurance -- Underinsured motorist insurance -- General liability policies -- v. 2. Fire and property insurance -- Insurance companies’ duty to defend -- Insurance companies’ investigation and handling of third-party claims -- First-party claims against insurance companies -- Subrogation -- Responsibilities of insurance companies -- Responsibilities of insureds -- Responsibilities of insurance agents.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2585 A95 2010

9) The Wisconsin Public Records and Open Meetings Handbook, 4th edition (2009)

Contents: Overview of Wisconsin’s public records law -- Making and responding to a public-records request -- Privileges -- Access to personnel records -- Law-enforcement records -- Pupil and juvenile records in the possession of a school district -- Contractors records -- Fees a records custodian may charge -- Enforcement -- Issues involving electronic public records -- Freedom of information act -- Coverage of the open meetings law -- Definition of meeting -- Accessibility and openness -- Notice -- Voting and record keeping -- Closed meetings -- Enforcement and penalties.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2862.6 A25 W56 2009

10) The Wisconsin Rules of Evidence : a Courtroom Handbook, 7 th edition (2009-)

Quoting from the opening “How to Use This Book,” “This handbook provides a quick and easy reference to the Wisconsin Rules of Evidence.  It is designed to help trial lawyers and judges, during trial, quickly find the applicable rules of evidence, commentary on those rules, and relevant case law.”

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2940 B37 2009

11) Worker’s Compensation Handbook, 6th edition (2009-)

Contents: Introduction to worker’s compensation practice -- Employment relationship -- Injury -- Calculating wage -- Medical treatment for injury -- Disability benefits -- Death benefits -- Penalties -- Claims -- Review and appeal -- Settlements.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2742 N434

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on September 9, 2010

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