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For many years now, the State Bar of Wisconsin has published a fine line of very useful and informative State Bar CLE Books (a.k.a. the Brown Books) geared toward the practitioner and the timely practice of law.  The topics cover a range from contracts, damages, estate planning, family law, insurance, trial practice, and traffic law just to name a few.  The library owns nearly all of the State Bar CLE Books.

This week's article will introduce to you to six of these titles.  Each has been updated and republished as a new edition for the year 2014.

They are always available in print at the Circulation Desk as part of the Library's Reserve Collection.  You can also access them online via the State Bar's website.  UW Law students may register for free access through the State Bar's Law Student Associate Program.   For more information about your online options, please see the Books UnBound landing page on the library website.

1) Appellate Practice and Procedure in Wisconsin, 6th edition (2014-)

Partial Contents: Standards of Review and the Decision to Appeal --  Filing a Civil Appeal as of Right -- Transcripts and the Record on Appeal -- Briefing -- Oral Argument -- Motion Practice : Section 809.14 -- Post-decision Procedure --  Review in Criminal Cases and Postdisposition Relief Under Section 809.30 -- Petition for Supreme Court Review–Section 809.62 -- Original Actions in the Supreme Court -- Supervisory Relief in the Supreme Court -- Administrative Appeals-- Appendices include: Standards of Appellate Review -- Forms for Use in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2955 Z9 W28 2014

2) Eckhardt’s Workbook for Wisconsin Estate Planners, 6th edition (2014-)

Contents: The estate planning process : an overview -- Representing the client : the basics -- Planning for nonprobate transfers -- Drafting a will without a trust -- Drafting a will with trust provisions -- Drafting when death taxes are involved -- Using revocable trusts -- Purposes and techniques of making gifts -- Marital property agreements -- Estate planning for owners of closely held businesses -- Miscellaneous estate planning issues.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2540 E255 (presently on Current Course Reserve)

3) Family Law in Wisconsin : a forms and procedures handbook, 8th edition (2014-)

Previously titled System Book for Family Law.  Partial Contents: Quick Reference Guide to the Law -- Divorce Procedure Outline -- Initial Interview and Fact Gathering -- Discovery and Trial Preparation -- Agreements / Stipulations -- Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, & Judgment -- Postjudgment Actions and Support Enforcement -- Special Matters: Tax Consequences - Health Insurance Continuation and Conversion - Valuation of Business Interests - Marital Agreements - Impact of Bankruptcy on Divorce - Reconciliation Attempt.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2500 A65 L646

4) Law of Damages in Wisconsin, 6th edition (2014-)

Partial Contents: Compensatory damages -- Multiple damages -- Pain and suffering -- Medical, hospital, and related expenses -- Loss of consortium, society, and companionship -- Wrongful death -- Contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate -- Tortious interference with contractual relations -- Bad faith actions -- Legal malpractice -- Mitigation of damages -- Contributory negligence -- Taxability of damage awards -- Costs and disbursements -- Attorney fees -- Pleading damage issues -- Burden of proof and sufficiency of evidence -- Additur and remittitur.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2490 D3 L395

5) Wisconsin Attorney’s Desk Reference, 5th edition (2014-)

Contents: Volume 1. How to use this book -- Administrative law -- Appellate procedure -- Business law -- Civil litigation -- Creditor/debtor -- Criminal law -- Estate planning and probate. Volume 2. Family law -- Intellectual property -- Real estate and property -- Miscellaneous.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2477 W574

6) Wisconsin Civil Litigation Forms Manual, 3rd edition, (2014-)

Partial Contents: Pre-suit requirements -- Complaints -- Jury demands -- Personal jurisdiction and service of summons and complaint -- Extending time to answer -- Objections to pleadings -- Answers, counterclaims, and cross-claims -- Motion practice -- Depositions -- Interrogatories -- Inspection of documents, things, and places -- Physical, mental, and vocational examinations  -- Experts -- Summary judgment -- Alternative dispute resolution -- Statutory settlement offers -- Settlement for minor or incompetent person -- Dismissal -- Final preparation before trial --  Motions during trial -- Motions after trial --  Findings, conclusions, and judgment -- Post-judgment proceedings -- Pending appeal.

Location: Law Library Reserve Collection KFW2930 A65 W553

For more information on all of the State Bar of Wisconsin publications, go to their Books and Books UnBound webpage.

Submitted by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian on September 29, 2014

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