Statistical Databases

Statistical facts can support arguments as evidence or can be used to generate policy discussions. Enhance the quality of your next research project using statistics from these two authoritative resources in the UW Madison Database Library.

ProQuest Statistical Insight provides fast, easy access to information produced by federal and state agencies as well as private organizations. PQSI offers a user-friendly interface, descriptive abstracts, detailed indexing, full-text PDFs of source documents, and tables. Use "Quick Links" to browse popular topics or use the search box to enter research terms.  Filters along the left side of the screen sort and refine the search results.


ProQuest Statistical DataSets aggregates licensed and public domain data sets and then lets the user customize the findings by creating tables or charts which include correlation capability and analytical features. 


Both of these ProQuest databases offer online tutorials and guides, plus the ability to create a user profile in order to save research results.

Submitted by Cheryl O'Connor on February 3, 2012

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