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Tweaking Google Scholar Preferences to Include Links to Full Text and Citation Manager Exportation

Google Scholar is an amazing resource for finding interdisciplinary scholarly literature, including articles, books, theses and more.  Each search result contains a citation, including the title, author names and source of publication.

But did you know that you could set your Google Scholar Preferences to include links to the full text when available through the UW-Madison campus libraries databases?  In the Library Links section, enter the word "Wisconsin" and click "Find Library."  Then simply check all the UW-Madison options and save your preferences at the top right.

The next time you use Google Scholar, you'll notice the addition of the "Find It at UW Madison" link to your entry (as shown below).  Simply click on this and you'll be directed to any electronic sources available or a link to the MadCat record.  Note that if you're off-campus, you may be asked to provide your UW-Madison net id and password.

In addition, if you use a bibliography/citation manager such as EndNote or RefWorks, you can also set your Google Scholar preferences to export your records to into your account.  Note that Zotero is not supported.

To enable this, select your preferred bibliography/citation manager from the drop-down menu near the bottom of the preferences page. Click "Save Preferences" at the top right.  Once selected, links will appear with your retrieval to enable you to export citations to that manager.

Submitted by Bonnie Shucha, Head of Reference on February 11, 2009

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