Upcoming Westlaw Trainings

Westlaw Trainings Tuesday, March 6 Law Library Computer Lab 10:30-11:00-Case Law Certification (300 Westlaw Rewards Points) 11:00-11:30-Statutes Certification (300 Westlaw Rewards Points) 11:30-Noon-Secondary Sources Certification (300 Westlaw Rewards Points) Noon-12:30-Prepare to Practice: Cost Effective techniques (500 WR Points and a Portfolio) 12:30-1:00-KeyCite and WestCheck (300 Westlaw Rewards Points) 1:30-2:00-Three Methods to find Cases on Westlaw (300 Westlaw Rewards Points) 2:00-2:30-Other Methods to find Cases on Westlaw: Briefs, KeyCite, & Statutes (300 WR Points) Sign up on the online training calendar on Westlaw or at the Westlaw table on Monday!!

Submitted by Bonnie Shucha on March 2, 2007

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