Want to Know the Most Cited Articles in a Law Journal or How Often a Legal Article is Cited?

 Hein Online has added an enhancement to its Law Journal Library database.  Now you can get a count of articles that have cited to the article you are viewing.  This enhancement also allows you to search for and list the top cited articles in a legal journal. This feature instantly provides a historical background to each article. 

To find this enhancement go to the Law Library Web cite.  On the left-side of the law library screen, you see a drop down menu titled, Top Law Databases, select Hein Online.  Once in Hein Online, select Law Journal Library.  

Searching in the Law Journal Library you can find cited journal articles by selecting the Search tab at the top of the page.  then select the Advanced Search feature.  In the menu box, type in the full name of the journal or use the citation format.

To obtain the top cited articles list, select sorted by from the drop down menu and choose Number of Times Cited.  In the Section Types to Search area, located just below the drop down menu, and mark the box for All Sections and you will get your list of top cited journal articles.


 List of Cited Articles:

If you want a list of articles that cite to a specific article, simple pull up the article in Hein Online from the Law Journal Library.  Next to print options in the results box is a link to cited articles.  This link provides you with a list of articles that cite to your article. 

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on November 25, 2008

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