UW Law has a mental health counselor on staff for law students. Learn more about the services offered, how you can benefit from them, and where to go for additional help.

Getting Started

How much do counseling services at UW Law cost?

Nothing! The counseling services at UW Law are free for enrolled law students.

Who is eligible for counseling?

The counseling services at UW Law are available to all enrolled law students. Recent graduates are also eligible for counseling appointments as they transition out of school.

How do I set up an appointment?

At this time, contact Counselor John Schneider directly to set up appointments. You can reach him by email (john.schneider@wisc.edu) or by phone (608-890-3542).

Fall 2021 Notice

For the Fall 2021 semester, students will have the option of remote counseling or in-person counseling. The availability of in-person counseling is subject to change based on safety precautions the Law School is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The counselor will provide updated details on the status of remote and in-person counseling when you make your appointment.

Is counseling confidential?

Yes. What you talk about in the counseling room will stay in the counseling room.

There are exceptions to this rule, most often related to safety concerns. For more information, view the Confidentiality and Informed Consent form or read the relevant WI statutes about healthcare records.


How long are appointments?

An hour is allotted for scheduled appointments, but the last 5-10 minutes are reserved for documentation and scheduling follow-ups.

Do I need to provide any information before my first appointment?

You will need to review and sign the Confidentiality and Informed Consent form prior to your first appointment. Please contact the counselor with any questions or concerns you have related to this document.

While you don't need to share information before your first appointment, please consider completing the Initial Information Questionnaire in order to efficiently use your time with the Counselor.

Where are appointments located?

For in-person appointments, counseling will be conducted in Counselor John Schneider's office, Room 7112 by Lubar Commons.

For remote appointments, counseling will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. You can access it for free with your wisc.edu email, NetID and password. It works best in the Chrome browser or downloaded to your desktop.

I’m concerned about confidentiality. What’s the best way to come and go?

You can get to the counseling office by two stairwells or the elevator.

If you arrive early to your appointment, wait in Lubar Commons until the scheduled time. When leaving, the counselor can check to see if the hallway is clear.

If you’re concerned about meeting in the counselor’s office, an alternative meeting place can be arranged if requested.

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can have?

Currently, there are no limits to the number of sessions that law students can have.

Most students get the assistance they need from 3 visits. Typically, students are scheduled for appointments every other week at the beginning of counseling before transitioning to monthly sessions.

Services Offered

What kinds of issues can I get help with?

Counseling services at the Law School can help students with a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Grief & loss
  • Interpersonal struggles
  • Identity concerns
  • Adjusting to major life events

If Counselor John Schneider can’t help you, he will assist you in finding someone who can.

Do you offer crisis services?

No. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact the 24-hour crisis line through UHS, dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Do you provide mental health diagnoses?

No. If you are interested in obtaining a mental health diagnosis, you can arrange an appointment with UHS. Also, the counselor can help you set up an appointment with UHS or a community provider.

Do you prescribe medication?

No. If you are interested in obtaining medication, you can arrange an appointment with UHS. Also, the counselor can help you set up an appointment with UHS or a community provider.

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