Global Legal Studies Center receives $75,000 grant to support "Law and Development in Brazil in Global Context" Project

The Global Legal Studies Center (GLS) received a $75,000 grant from the Tinker Foundation to support a conference and create a global network of scholars on law and development.   GLS, together with FGV Law School, Brazil, and Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), organized a conference on “Law and Development in Brazil in Global Context” in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently.  UW-Madison was represented by Law School professors John Ohnesorge, Shubha Ghosh, Marc Galanter and David Trubek and Political Science Professor Aseema Sinha.

Under the grant, in addition to participating in the conference, UW faculty members will help edit the conference proceedings, and work with Brazilian scholars to create a network on law and development that will continue the work begun at the conference.  The PIs of the project are Professors David Trubek and John Ohnesorge. GLS Associate Director Sumudu Atapattu worked closely with Professor Trubek in developing and submitting the proposal and is responsible for coordinating the project.

In related news, UW-Madison Chancellor signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the ABDI recently.  Under the agreement, the parties have agreed to promote cooperation between the two institutions to carry out research in the field of law and development in Brazil and other countries.  To this end, the parties have agreed, among other things, to exchange technical information and expertise on law and development; create a network of researches in Brazil; link the Brazilian network to other networks and research centers in other countries; and seek extramural funding to expand these efforts.  GLS will be the focal point for this agreement.

Submitted by Law School News on January 28, 2011

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