Spotlight: Matthew Hefti

We Heart Our Students Rising 2L Matthew Hefti's novel, A Hard and Heavy Thing, comes out in January.

Activities and Scholarship

Shubha Ghosh's legal and policy analysis of shrink wrap contracts, "Against Contractual Analysis," appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Southwestern Law Review. This symposium issue of the journal includes articles from a session at the 2014 Law and Society Association's annual meeting, which was built around Nancy Kim's book, Wrap Contracts. In his forward to the issue, Robert Hillman of Cornell Law School commends the solutions laid out in Ghosh's article.

Stacy Taeuber's article, "Realizing the Promise of Padilla through a Law School/Public Defender Collaboration," appears in the current issue of the Wisconsin Law Review. 

Alexandra Huneeus's article, "Reforming the State from Afar: Structural Reform Litigation at the Human Rights Courts," appears in the current issue of the Yale Journal of International Law.

Shubha Ghosh's article, "Fee Shifting as Patent Policy Lever: How to Ensure Sufficient Torque," was posted on the blog Patently-O in May. It includes preliminary findings from his ongoing research as the inaugural AAAS Law, Science and Policy Fellow at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C.