Spotlight: Health Policy

Center for Patient Partnerships video Learn how the Center for Patient Partnerships helped local parents get vital medical care for their child.

Activities and Scholarship

Alta Charo's article, "Whole Women's Victory - Or Not?" appears in the New England Journal of Medicine in August. In the article, Charo warns that the Whole Woman's Health decision may usher in a new wave of state restrictions based on disputed medical evidence of fetal pain.

Sumudu Atapattu taught a blended learning course on human rights and the environment, organized by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights. Held in Bangkok, Thailand, in July, the workshop was designed for human rights officials from Southeast Asia.

In July, John Ohnesorge served as a senior faculty member in the Institute for Global Law and Policy's 2016 program in Madrid, Spain, where he co-taught sessions on law and development and worked with participants in the writing workshop.

Cecelia Klingele participated in a panel discussion, "Booker After 10 Years: Making Sense of the Shift to Advisory Guidelines" at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools annual conference in August. The panel discussed the continued reduction of probation within the federal system following the Booker decision.