Activities and Scholarship

Mitra Sharafi gave a paper at the "Locating Forensic Science and Medicine" conference in London. Her paper, "Blood Testing and Fear of the False in Colonial India," examines the history of precipitin blood testing, a form of blood-testing used in the 20th century to determine the species of origin of a blood stain and identify fabricated evidence that involved animal blood. The conference was co-sponsored by the Universities of Manchester and Notre Dame.

Alta Charo's article, "Yellow lights for emerging technologies," outlines more flexible and responsive forms of regulation for emerging science and technologies, where traditional risk/benefit evaluation is difficult or impossible. The article appears in the July 24 issue of Science.

Thomas Mitchell's article, "Reforming Property Law to Address Devastating Land Loss," is reviewed in the July/August edition of Probate and Property, a publication of the American Bar Association. Mitchell's article on tenancy-in-common ownership rules, and the need to reform them, appeared in the Alabama Law Review.

Brad Snyder participated in a briefing hosted by the National Security Archive on the release of grand jury transcripts from the 1950s Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg espionage case. The U.S. government decided not to appeal a federal court decision ordering the release of testimony from the chief witness, Ethyl's brother David Greenglass. Snyder had previously submitted an affidavit seeking release of the testimony.