Spring 2023 First-Year Enrollment Information

Greetings!  You should have received an email (or will soon receive) from Jane Heymann (jheymann@wisc.edu)  with your assigned courses – a full-time 1L spring schedule is 14 credits, consisting of assigned sections of:

You may begin to register for your assigned courses on Wednesday, December 28, or earlier if you are notified by Ms. Heymann that all enrollment permissions have been entered. You must be enrolled by January 5, 2023, because faculty will be emailing pertinent information that is needed for the first week of the class and thereafter, and you must be enrolled to receive this information via class-list emails.

The Law School will NOT entertain individual student requests to change an assigned schedule, as first-year schedules have been carefully balanced to equalize the numbers of students in each.

Please follow the instructions on this website for adding & enrolling in classes by class number via the Course Search & Enroll App. For more information about enrollment and academic records, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s “how-to” website.

You will NOT be able to register until: (1) your designated enrollment time on Wednesday, December 28, or you have been notified by email that enrollment permission have all been entered; (2) you’ve completed the "Terms and Conditions Agreement" that the Bursar's Office requires every student to sign; and (3) if applicable, you’ve resolved any holds on your account.

You will need the five-digit “class number” to register for each course listed on your assigned schedule.  You should register for all of your courses on your assigned schedule (unless you intend to be a part-time student) and for the Legal Research and Writing II section to which you have been assigned. After you register, you can view your course schedule via MyUW.


You can view textbook information via the Course Search & Enroll App. Please note that not all faculty have posted their textbook information yet, so do not be alarmed if you don’t have any textbook information listed at this time. For more information about textbooks, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website on textbook information.

Academic Calendar & Final Exam Schedule

You’ll find the Law School’s academic calendar here. Final exam dates are available on the Spring 2023 course schedule.

Violence-Prevention Program

All incoming law students must complete the University’s violence-prevention program, “Graduate and Professional Students Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Relationship Violence.” You are strongly encouraged to complete it before classes begin. The program is available now via Canvas. If you completed this in the fall, you are NOT required to complete it again in the spring. 


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